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6 Reasons Professional Poker Is Way Harder Than It Looks ... For exactly one year of my life, I was a professional poker player. That is, poker was my sole source of income (not to mention my main source of annoyance and frustration, with a heaping side of anxiety). During that year, I realized that the way the profession is portrayed in all the poker shows on TV is a steaming crock pot of bullshit. Professional Poker Player | Become a Pro at Our Best Poker ... Become The Best Professional Poker Player – Expert Tips & Tricks. An Insight on How to Be a Professional Poker Player Online at So, you have finally learned the basics and prefer to try your hand at becoming a professional poker player. We quit our jobs to become professional poker players

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Professional Poker - How To Become a Poker Pro Provides tips on professional poker as well as methods for becoming a poker pro. How to Organize a Charity Poker Tournament: 8 Steps

Living the dream as an online poker player isn't what it seems at times, but through this article (written by a pro player) takes you through the life of one.

Basic poker strategy for the new player Learn poker rules and basic online poker strategy. Find out how to play poker games at Full Tilt with hints and tips for beginners.

Poker Knowledge Ireland: Here are important steps, which can help you play like a professional poker player. An important step to becoming a professional poker player is knowing which hands to play and when to fold.

Becoming a Professional Poker Player: 7 Things to Consider ... The average live player is simply much weaker than the average online player. This may be because live poker is played in casinos, and consequently attracts people who play poker to gamble rather than because they are good at it. Or it may be because of the social element of live poker. It’s likely a combination of both. How To Become A Professional Poker Player How to Become a Professional Poker Player Keep a record book. Keep a poker record book. Target Monetary Gains. Money, money, money... Picture this: you’ve had enough professional work... What separates men from boys: Pros versus Newbies and your bankroll. Your bankroll. Poker bankroll management. ... How to Become a Professional Poker Player: 15 Steps How to Become a Professional Poker Player - Honing Your Craft Find a place you can reliably make money. If you live outside the USA, play online poker. Start building up your bankroll. Have an emergency life fund, too. Don’t be ashamed to drop down a tier. How To Become A Professional Poker Player - ClickHowTo